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Brown Plant Hopper (BPH)-Kala Tela

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Brown Plant Hopper(Kala Tela)-Damage

Brown Plant Hopper-Kala Tela
Life Cycle of BPH
Population of BPH
Damage of BPH in standing crop Field
Brown Plant Hopper Popularly Known as Kala Tela in North India is very serious insect of Paddy crop in later stage of crop.It damages the crop at very fast speed.The field look like its burned with heat and get copper coloured in patched.Its stayes at water level and spreads like an endemic in vast areas.
Control:: For control of BPH in Paddy fields repeated sprays of Buprofezin @ 330ml/Acre with atleast 10 Pumps/acre (Brands: Aplaud, Tribune, Swaltrust) is effective.For instant knock-down effect the chemical is mixed with DDVP.

Pink/Spotted Bollworm of Cotton

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Pink/Spotted Bollworm of Cotton-Damage

Adult of Spotted Bollworm
Spotted Bollworm larva causing Damage
Cotton Spotted Bollworm
Pink Bollworm of Cotton Crop
bollworm is a common term for any larva of a moth that attacks the fruiting bodies of certain crops, especially cotton. The most common moths known as bollworms are:
  • Red or Sudan Bollworm: Diaparopsis
  • Rough Bollworm: Earias perhuegeli
  • Spotted Bollworm: Earias fabia
  • Spiny Bollworm: Earias insulana
  • Spotted Bollworm: Earias vittella
  • American Cotton Bollworm or Tomato Grub: Helicoverpa armigera
  • Cotton Bollworm: Helicoverpa gelotopoeon
  • Cotton Bollworm: Helicoverpa punctigera
  • Corn Earworm: Helicoverpa zea
  • Tobacco Budworm: Heliothis virescens
  • Pink Bollworm: Pectinophora gossypiella
  • Pink Spotted Bollworm: Pectinophora scutigera
Control:: Coragen (Dupont product), Tracer (Dow Agrosciences), Fame (bayer Crop Sciences), Takumi (Rallis India Ltd) at specified Dozes of CIB and Company lables.