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Agriculture faces major risk due to Climate Change:: MS Swaminathan

Addressing the Members of Parliament at the Parliament Library yesterday, noted agriculture scientist and MP Rajya Sabha, Prof. MS Swaminathan said that with the increase in temperature, risk rise rapidly for agriculture. He cautioned that an increase of 2 degree Celsius in temperature may seriously affect 4 billion population on the planet, and turn agriculture unviable. He said that the signs of global climate change if not understood and the corrective steps taken, then Antarctic ice sheet may melt, causing serious damage to our ecology and environment. Water scarcity and frequency of droughts may increase. It may shorten the crops life and reduce yields due to physiological changes in plants. An increase of 2 degree temp, may decrease rice yields by 0.75 MT per hac. and wheat by 0.45 MT per hac. He added that climate change effects between 2010 – 2039 may reduce the agriculture production by 4.5 – 9.0%. Dr. Swaminathan emphasised that any crop production planning should not only keep the increase in population and changes in dietary habits into account, but also the effects of climate change on our agriculture production. Later, responding to the queries of worried Parliamentarians, Dr. Swaminathan said that the crisis in agriculture is related to the dynamics of environment, economics, equity, employment and energy. The issues of land, water, bio-diversity, climate, cost-risk returns, free and fair trade, rural employment, fuel & food and land use policies need to be understood and addressed with the collective efforts of Government, research, industry, local communities and farmers.

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