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Dahi’-Cool: New Options in Flavoured Fruit Yoghurt

YOGHURT PRODUCTS ARE all the rage this summer. Amul,Nestle and Cocoberry have introduced a range of productsto tap into the flavoured yoghurt market estimated to be around ` 1,000 crore and growing at a rate of 15 to 20 per cent every year. While some are positioning it as a breakfast option, others are selling it as a healthy Indian dessert.”Nestle Milkmaid Fruit Yoghurt has been revamped and is now available as Nestlé Real Fruit Yoghurt. It has been developed in line with the key consumer health trends and feedback from consumers. Being 98 per cent fat-free, this product is perfect for indulgent moments while providing the healthy sweetness.” said a Nestle spokesperson. Amul too has recently launched pro-biotic flavoured yoghurt under the brand name, Flaavyo. According to Mr. R.S. Sodhi, MD of GCMMF, “Yoghurt is a very popular product in India. Indians have been consuming this for centuries. With pro-biotic flavoured yoghurt,we are targeting the breakfast table across homes.Plus it is also a healthy dessert option. Cocoberry, an Indian company, which came up in 2009, has introduced frozen yoghurt parlours in the country to tap the health-conscious individuals. It currently has 27 outlets across five cities and is looking forward to take this number to 100 this calendar year.”We have positioned it as a healthy substitute for any Indian dessert,” said Mr. G.S. Bhalla, CEO of Cocoberry. “Globally, frozen yoghurt is around $5.6 billion market. In India, it is around ` 300 crore,” said Mr. Bhalla.

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